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Batman. BATMAN. Can you get me some stamps?
Whoever's the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on.
I, for one, welcome our new Insect Overlords.
Warriors, come out to play.. Waaariorrsss, come out to plaaay-aaayy..
What do you call a pile of dead kittens? A MEOWntain!
Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on..
No homo, like your voice tone when you sspeak.
Don't be a spud, bud.
Do you even lift phaggot. U r 1 cheeky kunt m8 I swear I am going to wreck u I swear on me mum's life.
Can't contain the Chamberlain!
Subscrimble for more minceraft.
Are you buying that ironically?
cow.. cowww.. cow- cow cow cow COW COW COWCOWCOWCO- moo.
A cat is fine, too..
A construct? In the Core? That is absolutely unacceptable!
You can't kill Michael Malloy.
My nigga got a house, my nigga got a lake, my nigga we eatin', my nigga get a plate.
You're waiting for a train. A train that'll take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you. But you can't know for sure.
Big Bird was feeling sad. "I miss my nest," he whispered. "I miss my friends."
Rupin wa Moeteiru ka...?!
Why does he wear the mask?
Cover equals hover.
Needs more Towercat.
It's Goofy time!
This is my swamp now.
All your base are belong to us.
Quick, better drink my own piss!
There's something a whole lot scarier out there than ghosts. Me.
My whole life changed in just one day. I was working late one night, at Rupture Farms..
You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?
But I am le tired..
So.. Akira is an amoeba?
You just activated my trap card!
All bubble-blowing babies will be beaten senseless by every able-bodied patron in the bar- bar.
Welcome to San Andreas, I'm CJ from Grove Street. Land of the heinous, gangbangers, and cold heat.
Prepare for trouble.. and make it double!
Your helmet does that - that that, that WHOOSH thing! You are a cool toy!
Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team!
If you only knew the trials and tribulations we been through. But if you only knew, we real people homey, just like you.
Come on, don't they say the only foolish questions are unasked ones? ..They don't?
That's MISTER Kaneda to you, punk!
I don't practice Santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball. Well, if I had a million dollars, well I'd.. I'd spend it all!
I'm Mickey Mouse and I'm a terrorist, oo hooo..
Humanity.. All of my suffering on this world has been at the hands of humanity, particularly women.
There is no spoon.
I can't seem to tell the truth, when I'm wearing more eyeliner than you-hoo!
Are you selling soup or donkey piss?
For God's sake Pox, the name of the game is "Destroy All Humans", not "play some stupid record and keep the kids off drugs"!
You're teaching Social Studies to Freshman idiots.
Argh, I forgot me number 2 pencil for the Scantron test!
I say, Bertie, why do you bound?
Nutted, but she still sugkin.
Ancestors, meaning my ancestors, meaning what?
There's a reason why this board is on the bottom of the list, and that's not because its letter is x.
What the hell? Did something just hit us?
400? I'm coming over, I'll be there in two sec
So, how 'bout that Water Temple, Link?
The athore comments al totol lies!
>mfw OP is running around his house holding his cock screaming, stopping to type with one hand
Life is too short. Don't eat orginary brie.
If you threaten America, you will find NO safe haven.
So ungrateful. If she had as much talent as she has temper, she'd be famous now.
Bückstabüüüüü!! Hol' ich mirrrrr!!
April Fools.. jerk.
I like myself, I'm worth a lot! I like myself, I'm worth a lot!
I guess that IS pretty funny!
You're a better general than I have heard!
Nothing puzzles God.
Ahh, bibliothèque!
I wish I had an antacid to just throw at your face.
What is best in life? Smoking a rock and jerking off all over myself.
I say ayy lmao.
Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road?
>Can't sell them to the circus because then they'll know I jizzed on my dog.
You have this way of writing paragraphs without actually saying anything.
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
Do you get to the Cloud District often?
Jedi on the streets, Sith between the sheets.
I don't understand why everybody is so mad at Hitler. After all, he did kill Hitler.
Ooh ooh me, I'll go! That's Mr. Grayson - he's in the BASEMENT!
But seriously, who doesn't clean their belly button?
Say, my name is Boba Fett. I know my shit is tight.
Bollocks to the rules!
Defeating a sandwich... Only makes it tastier...
I'll have to take a look at your content... Once it's ONLINE!!
If you receive any instructions that seem clear as mud to you, it is expected that you will immediately inform your supervisor of what is up so you can get assistance.
I think we ALL think the bags was a nice idea. But, not pointing any fingers... they could've been done a whole lot better.
Finally, I finished writing my first draft. I admit it was a little rough. Well, maybe more than a little rough. To be honest, it was so rough you could sand wood with it.
M. Rachine eats shit by the bushel.
You want I should treat him like white folk?
Liberate yourself from my vicelike grip!
Sucks to your ass-mar!
What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons.
Hell, I wouldn't mind flying at 38,000 feet to avoid jokers!
It's like dating your hoodie... But who in their right mind would want to f*** their hoodie?
Not even the Medjai can save you now!


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If you think the site can be improved, if boards should be created/cleaned up, or really whatever, then post here.

Moderator: Tsuua

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Here, talk about your *totes real* encounter with that one blender ghost, or just listen and talk about other *legit* stories.

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by compconkezenback
Nov 12, 2021 0:15:16 GMT -6


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What are you watchin' today, bby? ;)

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Submit your artwork at the maw and mercy of your friends. Be honest and give good advice, but don't rant off about how bad somebody's artwork looks.

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by resecygrusspar
Sept 30, 2021 13:59:22 GMT -6

Dump Site

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No New Posts OC

Just finished a new 'shop on an image that turned out nicely? Or maybe a dozen? Just jam all your Original Content into a nice little thread for yourself!

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Sept 19, 2021 18:54:13 GMT -6


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Sometimes, the best games come from offline.

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by compconkezenback
Nov 12, 2021 0:29:43 GMT -6
No New Posts Vidya

Let's take a moment to speak about vidya. Vidya games are amazing, admit it. So let's talk about 'em here, eh?

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by compconkezenback
Nov 12, 2021 0:20:57 GMT -6
No New Posts Whatever other Vidya topics you can think of

If it doesn't relate to game content or upcoming releases, then it goes in this board. Companies, consoles, and things of the like over here!

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by tancanitarpi
Sept 22, 2021 4:47:55 GMT -6


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Been pondering life lately? Take a trip to one of the smarter sides of Lounge Master.

8 8 The Beast Revelation
by michael
Feb 23, 2022 11:06:02 GMT -6
No New Posts Time Capsule

Talk about good childhood memories from the past, or things you plan to do in the future. Then, after a year, see if you actually did any of the things you planned on or if you skipped out as per usual.

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Nov 12, 2021 0:35:27 GMT -6

In Real Life

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No New Posts Gossip

Got some juicy stuff you need to get off your chest? Share it with everyone here!

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Nov 12, 2021 0:44:08 GMT -6
No New Posts Loungebook

Your very own personal Blog! This board will make creeping on each other so much easier, don't cha think?

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Sept 19, 2021 18:33:02 GMT -6


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Read any good books lately? ..Wait, really? Then post all about 'em in this board!

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by resecygrusspar
Sept 30, 2021 13:44:40 GMT -6
No New Posts Movies

Discuss anything movie-related or DiCaprio here. Hopefully the latter.

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by puldiichriserri
Aug 19, 2020 16:10:31 GMT -6
No New Posts Music

Discuss anything music-related or Quarashi here. Hopefully the latter again.

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by compconkezenback
Nov 12, 2021 0:23:54 GMT -6
No New Posts Internet

Found something funny, or have an idea for a cool video? Post it here and we'll see.

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by compconkezenback
Nov 12, 2021 0:41:14 GMT -6


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.. Obviously we're only expecting doge and cates here, but there's always the hope for dolphin threads y'know.

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by tancanitarpi
Sept 22, 2021 5:05:13 GMT -6
No New Posts Outdoors

Wowow wat?? You went outside? Post about it here and how bright the sun was!

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by resecygrusspar
Sept 30, 2021 13:50:33 GMT -6


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No New Posts IRL Help

Are you in a tough situation with nowhere else to turn? Make a thread to get some quality help from your quality friends!

2 2 Izle 720P 3Gp A Dog'S Journey Ücretsiz Fullhdfilmizlesene Wggg
by puldiichriserri
Aug 19, 2020 16:19:19 GMT -6
No New Posts Snooping

Don't know where an image comes from? Have no clue as to what movie just popped into your head? Post a thread here and we'll get to the roots of it.

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by tancanitarpi
Sept 22, 2021 4:30:21 GMT -6


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This is the place where you can submit your build ideas, as well as critique others.

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by compconkezenback
Nov 12, 2021 0:09:20 GMT -6
No New Posts Infrastructure

Talk about the wonderful realm of Renegade, and how we can improve it. Basic rules, templates, and more can be found here.

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by liaconcazeti
Sept 19, 2021 18:24:10 GMT -6

Shit Loungers Say

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No New Posts FFA

Say anything you want here. Post anything you feel like here. This is the point where we all stop caring and let it all hang loose.

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by compconkezenback
Nov 12, 2021 0:32:37 GMT -6
No New Posts Worksafe version of FFA

Like the FFA feel but hate the lewd taste? Then stick here, it's safer for you anyways.

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Sept 19, 2021 18:51:02 GMT -6

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